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Bike rack design

Bike rack designed to enable two bikes to be placed close to each other, while not resting against one another. Helping to prevent pedals from getting trapped in spokes.

Introducing the Kitty rack

Better use of space

When using the Kitty Rack (shown in green) bikes are closer together, allowing more space to access each bike while taking up less space than a more common, individual “butterfly stand” (yellow). Two bars keep bikes separated enough so that pedals do not get caught in spokes.

Kitty rack improvements on Sheffield stand

Kitty Rack (left) and traditional Sheffield stand (right). Giving the stand “ears” helps prevent a bike from rolling forward and falling over.


Larger layout should be similar to a car park with walkways between, for maximum number of racks per parking spot. A shallow fence placed round the edge ensures bikes will always be wheeled past a CCTV camera placed at the entrance, so the face of a perpetrator has the best chance of being visible in the event of a theft.


Options for materials are stainless steel (above left), galvanised steel (above right) and powder-coated galvanised steel. For most circumstances, galvanised steel is the most economical option with an estimated production cost of $150 – $300 (SGD) per stand.

Powder-coating would add a little to this cost and enables the stand to be produced in any colour, but the coating will chip and become less attractive with use. Stainless steel is long lasting and has an attractive finish but can be up to 2 – 4 times the cost of galvanised.

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